GI-BMP Manual

The GI-BMP program is based upon the GI-BMP manual (Click here to download your copy in English and here for a Spanish copy). Printed copies of this manual are available by request and free of charge from your local county extension offices. Students are responsible for knowing the material in this manual and are encouraged to obtain and study a copy of this manual prior to class.

Green Industries Best Management Practices
Educational Program Workshop

  • This workshop is designed to provide training in Best Management Practices (BMPs) for anyone working in the lawn, landscape, pest control, or municipal grounds areas.
  • The Best Management Practices are focused on reducing non-point source pollution resulting from fertilization or pesticide application. 
  • At the end of this training you will be given a post-test to determine knowledge learned. If the post-test is successfully completed, you will be mailed a Green Industries BMP certificate of completion.
  • Some cities & counties require this certification before you can bid on jobs or have commercial customers.
  • If you also need pesticide CEUs, get your signed CEU attendance form before you leave the class.

Introduction and Pre-test

  • Overview - Green Industries BMPs for Protection of Water Resources in FL
    History, Background & Overview of the BMP Program & Local Ordinances.
    How to use the BMPs to protect water quality.


  • Lawn and Landscape Cultural and Fertilization BMPs
    Best Management Practices for healthy lawns and landscapes. Includes mowing, pruning, fertilization & irrigation effects on plant health and ability to tolerate pest pressures.


  • Irrigation BMPs
    Irrigation Best Management Practices to reduce disease & insect damage. Irrigation BMPs include: irrigation requirements, design, installation, monitoring, troubleshooting and proper management of irrigation.


  • Fertilizer BMPs
    Fertilizer sources: comparisons and responses. 


  • Pesticide BMPs
    The use of IPM in a management program; Pesticide selection, storage, handling & disposal.

Post-Test and CEUs